AirEs Air Quality Monitor System

This application is used for tracking the indoor air quality, temperature and humidity, by using AirEs Air Quality Monitors.
You can change sensor warning levels in the application.
Easy-to-use interface provides clear information about air quality you breath, temperature and humidity, to your phone and/or tablet. You can also see the lowest and highest levels recorded while the gadget is on.

How to use the Android App

Turn on the AirEs system. Wait for the unit to enter in a steady state. It may take around a minute. Tap the IC symbol to select the device to and tap connect to start streaming data.
To disconnect, tap Disconnect symbol.
You can reach online help, information about the app and setting from the bottom symbols.
Settings lets you change the warning levels of the AirEs monitor. You can select from 3 preset configurations.

You need to have at least Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.3 on your mobile device and at least one AirEs Monitor System.
Aires Sensors comes in two models one uses Bluetooth 4.0 and the other also utilizes Wi-Fi.
You can shop for Aires Air quality Monitor online from our store, Amazon, Hepsiburada etc.

This application and AirEs Monitor provides information about your air quality, temperature and humidity. This information is not calibrated and does not intended to provide scientific observations. Please be informed that the gadget is for indoor use only and may lose its precision over time and depending on environmental conditions.