Power Supply Module with USB and single cell Li-ion


PSM is a multifunction power supply for projects, hobby applications and developing fast prototype. It can use like a battery charger for  single cell Li-ion. AC and usb is optional for power. Thanks to battery charger circuit , your Project continues working while battery is charging. It adjusts charge and discharge current automatically with respect to out load. When AC and USB inputs are off,  it continues supplying the module from battery.

It is suitable for systems and modules like  Arduino, Raspberry Pi ve Beagle Bone operating with 5v level. In addition to this, it has a 3.3 V LDO output for applications studying with 3.3V  like Arduino pro mini .

PSM uses its USB (or AC) power when it is suitable automatically because battery charger circuit has load sharing. Thus, it doesn’t  continuously finish battery charger. In this way , module can do both charging and boosting at the same time. İt is possible using this module like an UPS because of this efficient specialty.

Accordingly output voltage, it has two different version (4.4 V DC PSM2 model or 6 V DC (when AC is on) PSM0). All module versions have  3.3 output voltage  when AC or USB supply is on.

It provides easy integration with its small dimensions and screw holes.

AC and USB LED configuration for PSM0 V.1 and PSM1 V.1:

Acpgled Usbpgled Status
Green X AC mode
X Green USB mode


Stat1Led Stat2led Status
Green Red Battery is charging (Battery voltage <3 V)
Green X Battery is charging(Battery voltage >3 V)
Green (flashing) Red (flashing) Battery is not available


Technical Specifications

Size 48×34 mm 27×25 mm
Temperature Range -20 – 60 oC
Input AC 4 – 15 V DC
Battery 3.7 V Li-ion
Output Bus 4.4 V DC
6 V DC (AC Adaptor)
4.4 V DC 4.4 V DC
6 V DC (AC Adaptor)
4.4 V DC
LDO 3.3 V DC (USB or AC adaptor)
Charge 4.2 V DC 500 mA (100 mA selectable)
Displays N/A USB, AC, charge state