Battery Management Systems

Why Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium -ion technology have the highest energy efficiency, specific power and specific energy value, among the other electric energy storage alternatives. Also advantageous in the means charge-discharge life cycle.

Battery Management System: Each application and each battery has specific requirement set. In order to manage these requirements and keep the battery safe and efficient battery management system is needed. YILDIZ ARGE delivers the design and development of specific BMS for each requirement set.

Battery Design: YILDIZ ARGE provides the selection and optimum capacity analysis of battery depending on the electrochemistry, form and power and energy requirements of the application. YILDIZ ARGE also tailors battery integration design for specific customer needs.

Different Voltage Levels: YILDIZ ARGE uses a library of already developed BMS architectures for 12, 24, 48 and 80 V DC voltage levels and for a waste power settings. YILDIZ ARGE can readily deliver any voltage and power level BMS design.

Analog-Digital BMS Solutions: Depending on the application, dual redundant BMS solutions are available. Free of fault of digital systems, BMS always provides protection for shorts, temperature and over loads.

Battery Communication: Depending on the target platform, analog or digital communication interfaces can be integrated to the BMS. Wireless alternatives are also provided as a standalone or redundant means.

BMS Common Functions:

  1. Short circuit protection
  2. Over current protection
  3. Over discharge protection (depending on the electrochemistry)
  4. Over charge protection (depending on the electrochemistry)
  5. Balancing
  6. Over temperature protection
  7. Charge-discharge cut-off

Optional BMS Functions:

  1. Level of SoC indicator
  2. Battery communication(Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, CanBus etc)
  3. Thermal management and thermal load design (forced, natural)